Thursday, September 12, 2013

finding me

In being a mom, it's sometimes easy to throw all of me into my child and his needs and to forget my own. Including eating, sleeping, time alone, devotions, and the creative outlets I enjoy. I'm trying to fit in one (or more) extra me-time things in each day, and it has been a bit better.

In the middle of July, I realized that I hadn't used my camera to take pictures of flowers since the birth of my son. I love taking detailed pictures of flowers and little bees and bugs - the details no one sees. I enjoy that! But I had forgotten.

So, I took the camera outside for a few moments and snapped a few pictures, not realizing that the lens had fogged up with the change from air conditioning to humidity, and these pictures were the result. I had to adjust brightness, contrast, and color to make them look less...foggy...but I think they turned out okay, especially for not having done this kind of picturing in a while.


Teamfuest said...

So glad you got a chance to fuel your own creativity and enjoy the outdoors! Those little moments are so important! So did you take these is manual?? :)

Linnea said...

Nope, not in manual mode this time. But I'm still playing with it! Maybe I'll post some soon.