Friday, September 13, 2013

manual mode morning

Because Kristen asked about it, I figured I could share a couple of my pictures. I have been experimenting with manual mode, but I have soooo much to learn. Here's from this morning:
 Joshua is wearing the sweater that his Great Grandma Landin made for him :) So fun!

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Teamfuest said...

Yay!!! You're doing great! The more you learn the more you'll love it, because you get to have complete control over your camera. If you need more light but don't want to slow your shutter speed down (fast moving babies are hard to keep up with!) you can increase your ISO number. (The only catch is if you go really high with your ISO, your photos will be more grainy.) That will help let more light in if you need it!

Looking good!!! Joshua is just too cute for words - and so is that sweater! :)