Wednesday, October 2, 2013


We're all waiting for it.


Someday, I'll finish that degree. Someday, my child will sleep through the night. Someday, I'll have that job I've always wanted. Someday, we'll own the perfect house in the best part of town, near the grandparents, and close to our best friends. Someday, I'll be content with my body. Someday, we will go to the grocery store without worrying about whether or not we can have both yogurt and orange juice in the same week. Someday, I'll have a coordinating living room that's all my style. Someday, I'll have clothes that fit and are in style. Someday, we'll have time to go on weekly dates. Someday, we'll have enough. Someday. Someday. Someday.

How about contentment? How about being grateful for thisday? How about a heart full of thankfulness for the balmy weather, the clothes on my back, and the home that shelters my family? How about a joyful, peaceful spirit that rejoices in the blessings we've been given, and hands that give generously even when there is not much to give?

It's not just about contentment, though - it's about longing for what really satisfies our souls, for real peace, for true joy. It's about Jesus. And he said he's coming back for us Someday - to establish his heavenly kingdom, to spend eternity with those who have accepted his gift of forgiveness and eternal life. That's what all our hearts are looking for. He is the missing piece, the only way we can be truly satisfied, the only way we can have a truly fulfilling life. Knowing Him is the key to contentment. Without Jesus, everything else truly is meaningless, as ancient King Solomon discovered. With Jesus, we can take joy in the blessings we have here on earth. We can be truly thankful for what is given, and agree with Him that it is, in fact, enough, because He is enough.

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