Monday, January 26, 2009


yesterday was sunday, and church, of course. we were supposed to get our "new" car, but evidently something is wrong with the battery. we're glad the guy is fixing it, but it really stinks for my husband to not have a car. we've worked out rides and who has the car for the next few days... it'll work for a little while longer. we didn't realize how blessed we were to have two cars at all!

work has been... more drudgery than simply work. i know the Lord establishes the work of our hands. i'm really struggling to be grateful. i know i'm here to do his work in this time, and not just the secretary stuff. i'm supposed to be an outspoken servant of His. what an assignment.

on a positive note, it has been a beautiful day. i love when, in the winter, the sun comes up clear and golden, and hits everything with a perfect warmth that takes the chill out of the snowy landscape. there's a hill of open pasture land near our house that is dotted with round, snow covered bales of hay. when the sun is out, they cast small, dark, semi-circle shadows beside them, as if they've been gently nestled into the field. with the sparkling cold snow, bright icy blue sky, the golden bales waiting for spring, and the almost blindingly bright sun, it looks like something wonderful is about to happen - something special. occasionally, there's a deer with his furry winter coat burying his muzzle in the snow. his graceful form, alert brown eyes, fuzzy ears, and white tail just belong - this all belongs together. it was created to be this way. there could be no accident.

and i feel so much more peaceful. just breathing in the sharp, cold air and seeing such beauty is enough to stop me from my worrying, to make me slow down, and to really remember what a blessing it is to be here, now, for a reason.

Saturday evening we had another girls' night in - and just as I arrived, the sky was clear and full of stars. what more could i ask for to remind me that He's always there, that i'm complete, loved, and that my life has meaning? i have not been forgotten. there is a plan.

here's a hat i made this weekend for a coworker of mine. it's a basic hat pattern, but i added three big cabled sections to it for variety (*k8, p4, k8 [cabled section], repeat three times from *). it's made with a worsted weight Lion brand (washable!) wool, and a Red Heart "Symphony" acrylic/polyester blend held together. It's very thick and warm - perfect for the frigid temperatures we're experiencing at the moment. and what better timing than right before the snowstorm we're supposed to get tomorrow?
and for good measure, here's the completed gray/pink/sparkly pink legwarmer i finished:

yes, i did actually take a picture of it with the stitches going the wrong direction... oops. i suppose i could flip the picture so it's correct, but what fun would that be?

counting my blessings.

i am so in love with my husband. i have so much more than i need. my mom sent me a package today! at work! :o) a lovely diversion. and i'm re-learning my Music Theory. deep breath. my life is in His hands.

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