Thursday, October 1, 2009

taking a few little steps

i started my job at our church on Tuesday afternoon. i was immediately inundated with a (rather loud) tutorial for one of the programs, graciously given by the youth director (who took an hour of his time to help me). the hours since were a flurry of new passwords, learning how to use both a planning website and a powerpoint-like presentation program for creating song slide shows. part of my challenge was to transfer over the main name on the accounts to my name, as i am now the administrator for them. this took some round-about work, but it's all worked out now. one headache, six hours, and many emails and tutorials later. did i tell you? it's a worship and music coordinator position. 10 hours/week, paid (pretty well, actually). i'm really happy to be serving in this way, and to be administrating music. it seems like the skills i learned in realty are paying off a bit, which is gratifying. it's so nice to also be able to use my music knowledge!

i have also been hired to accompany for some concerts at an area elementary school, and i am officially on the active sub list for the district. i have one piano/clarinet student, and i may get some more students in a bit. i've put out my business cards and contacted the music teachers at the area schools - who knows? maybe i'll have a full studio by the end of the year.

Oscar, my kitten, is growing like crazy. When we first got him, his collar was about two inches too big, even on the smallest hole. Now he's wearing it on the smallest hole....cute.

it has been a difficult beginning to the school year - my husband is so very busy, and we hardly ever see each other. it's heartbreaking. i really never thought he would have to work and do school at the same time, and it's really draining for him. my job alone isn't enough to cover our expenses, and neither is his job. i know that God will get us through, and i'm trying to trust.

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