Monday, November 16, 2009

feeling grateful

and overwhelmed. and humbled.

we received a box of Angel Food this past week - it's a ministry that provides low cost food to families that need it. It's only $30 for a box of food that's intended to feed a family of four for a week!
i wasn't anticipating how much food that would be...when i brought it home, it was actually a struggle to fit it all in the freezer and fridge! wow.

it's humbling to be on unemployment, to need other people's help, and to accept charity. But it's really a good thing for us to be in a place where we have to rely on other people. it makes us less proud - or i hope that's what it's doing for me!

still hoping for a job so that we can be self-sufficient. so that we can pay our bills without worry. so that we can be the ones helping others. maybe soon?

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