Tuesday, March 9, 2010

today is the day the Lord has made. joyful.

it's so wonder-full to wake to sunshine, sparkling snow, little birds hopping past my window, and a husband who looks at me so tenderly, with so much love in his smile.

it was on that note that i started today. i went to MOPS (moms of pre schoolers) to take care of babies, and helped in the "tiny tots" room today...that's children who can walk but who aren't quite two. it was pleasant - no crying, minimal nose wiping, and very few mashed cheerios in the carpet.

i stopped by a friend's house and had a nice chat before heading down the hill to the p.o. and bank. does anyone see the sense in having three cashier's stations at the p.o. but only one person operating the cash register at the busiest hour of the day? (by this, I mean noon-1pm.) the line was ten people long, and i felt the pain of that...

anyway. it was a lovely day. i had time to practice voice and to write a new song for Sunday.

God is good.

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