Monday, November 8, 2010

finding balance

I had a couple of friends over for homemade pizza tonight - they each brought an ingredient, and I made the pizza dough. It turned out pretty well! I think I'll try preheating the pizza stone next time to try to get the crust crispier...

Finding the balance in my life right now is really tough. I start the day with my shower, breakfast, and devotions, like always, but then things just seem to go awry. I get wrapped up in stress as soon as I'm at school - I remember how much I hate research, I feel burdened with reading, I feel tired by noon and just want to go home. It's hard to remember what motivates me, why I'm actually there, and that this is temporary. I thought grad work would be an opportunity to study the things I enjoy, to spend time growing in what I enjoy: teaching. I was a bit confused, evidently.

Now I'm home, trying to get together enough gumption to go through the 70 pages of reading that were assigned for my 2-credit class that meets tomorrow evening. Oh, help me, Lord. I can't do this on my own.

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Nicol said...

I completely understand. I've been trying to find the balance in my life since I had my baby almost 13 months ago. I'm deciding that there needs to be a new balance because the old will never be the same.