Thursday, July 14, 2011

antiques & bargains

Hard to put it any other way: I love antiques. They're better made, better materials, prettier workmanship, durable, functional, smart, eco-friendly.

I get rather excited about it, too. As if the above didn't tip you off!

My friend, Jami, told me last week about a shop in a cute nearby town that has a lot of Pyrex, as well as other antiques and giftables. We made a plan to go together, and yesterday was the day!

The Pyrex room was overwhelmingly stuffed with dishes of every color imaginable - great pinks, blues, lime green, florals, snowflakes; covered, divided, blue glass pie plates; we spent so long in there! I found a small blue mixing bowl and a covered pink refrigerator dish. (You'll see my big yellow mixing bowl in the background.) I'm beginning to replace my plastic storage containers with the refrigerator dishes, and the mixing bowls are irresistible. There was a whole set of pink ones (marked $55!! crazy) that I had to pass up... this time.The prices were a little higher than I wanted to pay, but I considered this part of my birthday gift from my grandfather. Yay for birthday cash!

We wandered through the rest of the store, too. I picked up a set of four vintage juice glasses. These are called "swanky swigs" and were made between the 1920's and 1940's. The floral design that I have is worn, and may have originally had green leaves along the bottom of each cup. Each floral design is slightly different, but uses the same chrysanthemum-style flower. So cute! I love them. The set was on sale for $3. Eee! Update: here, finally, are pictures.

The upstairs of the store was hot and stuffy and moth ball scented, but we held out for treasures! We came upon a small room stuffed with linens - and all of them 50% off! Hooray!! Both of us got pretty attached to some delicately embroidered pillowcases, but I resisted. Instead, I got this gorgeous hand-embroidered eyelet tablecloth! Love it...and love that it was $5.Here it is in action already:

And then I spotted these pretty "napkins" (I think they're handkerchiefs...), and had to have them! The light blue on white is so "me." They have a new life dressing up the curtains in the master bedroom and under my love bird. The set of four was only $3. For delicate hand-embroidery and lace, that's okay with me! Someone put a lot of love into these for me.

This little one is slightly out of character for me, but I fell in love:

Cheerio! Isn't that the cutest cocktail napkin? I love the scalloped edges and cute little cherry in the glass. It came in a set of two - for fifty cents!!

Sigh. I love treasure hunting!

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